Why do we wear ID’S?

Seth Betancur, Pirateer Staff

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The Pirateer staff waited a few months to take a look at the new ID policy. EHS administrators require students to wear ID’s calling it a safety issue. Each student is issued an ID tag at the start of the school year. If you come onto campus without the ID, you are given an ID sticker to wear during the course of the day.

Kaleb Green (9) does not like wearing his ID because it kills his style. “I don’t care to wear my ID because teachers don’t enforce to have it on so why should I have it on. Most people at EHS don’t wear their ID. They just put their ID in their pockets. Most students in EHS don’t really care to wear their ID. I feel like in order for the students to wear their ID’s there should be a special award. I feel like most of the teachers enforce students to have their ID’s on but since the teachers know their students they don’t care if the students put not their ID’s. It’s not very important. I don’t think it’s important for students to wear their ID’s because it’s not like the teachers check them anyway, so what the point.”

-Dean Thomas Rode

“Students have their ID’s on them but they don’t wear them as they should. There are two possibilities why students don’t wear them. Students forget their ID’s at home or they are not using them. Starting next year we are going to really be pushing students to wear their ID’s. Were going to have students show their ID’s when they come in the front doors, or make the students show their ID’s when they are getting lunch.” Sports can be effective for this as well, you probably are going to have to show your ID during practice or before a game to get in the game to play. Teachers are reinforcing this but its mostly a habit thing for teachers and students. When I was a teacher it doesn’t matter if you had your ID because I knew who you are by looking at you.”


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