Boys soccer wins homecoming game 3-1

Team beats Jefferson on home field.

Marisa Flores, Pirateer Staff

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Soccer players are excited about the 2019 season and even more excited to win at home during homecoming. Players think it’s going to be the best season in years. “I’m looking forward to playing in games and I think we are going to be a lot better than last season, we have a lot of new players,” said Junior Andrew Fieger. He has been playing soccer since the first grade, “I like the free feeling of playing soccer a lot of other sports it’s like very focused on one thing there’s like no timeouts in soccer so you got to think on your feet.” This year, he plays offense and is a midfielder, “I like to run.”

Vivian Cedillo
Number 5, Kirollos Naseef, drives to the goal.

Vivian Cedillo
Number 5, Kirollos Naseef, drives to the goal.

The Englewood soccer team started the season in August and is 2-5 in the season so far. The win-loss record has nothing to do with the season as it is a building year with younger players who will only get stronger, “We have a lot of freshman out which is really good to help build the program. We have a lot of people coming back from last year we didn’t graduate anybody so our numbers are up compared to where they were at in the previous years I’m excited for what we have,” said Coach Chris Kavinsky.

Coach Kavinsky says this young group will only benefit from working with older players, “Growing up at the youth level you oftentimes play with kids that were born the same year as you. As you get to high school you’re a freshman at the age of 14 playing against kids that are 17-18 a little more mature physically, mentally so that’s a big transition for young kids. But it’s only gonna help them get better to make them kinda see how fast a game gets as you mature.”

According to the United States Soccer Federation, there are 4.2 million players registered with U.S. Soccer. 2.5 million are male players and 1.7 million are female. As of 2012, thirty percent of American households have someone playing soccer. It says this is a figure second only to baseball.

Vivian Cedillo
Number 5, Kirollos Naseef, jumps to meet the ball mid-air

Freshmen Axel Sanchez started playing soccer five years ago, “I mean, that’s been my favorite sport since I was nine.” His favorite part is running and playing with the ball, “I’m best with defense and striking.” Sanchez says he is enjoying the season and wants to work more as a team.

The team takes on Conifer on October 1.