The hunt for the perfect college


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Julian Galvan, Pirateer Writer

Personalize your essays.
Erin Ulrich, the Post-secondary advisor brought in experts personalize your essay and you know they are correct. A lot of schools will ask you to write a “why (insert school name here)?” essay in addition to your main one. A lot of students recycle these essays for every school they apply to, and while you may be able to use a few of the same lines, I wouldn’t follow suit. Any student can write a 200-word essay filled with keywords they found on the school website. Tell them what actually excites you about going there, not that you like the small class sizes or the beautiful campus. They already know these things. Don’t be afraid to stand out a little.

Use the Common Application.
Ms. Erin has said it over and over again. When it comes time to start your applications, be careful with the Common App. It makes it so you only have to fill out one application instead of a separate one for every school you apply to. Not all schools accept it. Many colleges have an easier institutional app that doesn’t require letters of recommendation or essays. Check with Ms. Erin before jumping onto the Common App site.

Don’t take it (too) personally.
You might get rejected. It’s okay. At the end of the day, the colleges you applied to only know what you tell them. Did you opt not to send an essay or letter of rec? Be sad, but not for too long. Remember that what you do at a school is more important than where you go. And if it’s really bad, starting at community college and transferring is always an option.

You’re in NOW WHAT?
Take challenging classes even during the senior year. Yes, even during the second semester. There’s this thing called “rescinding” – schools can withdraw an admission acceptance if your grades dip during senior year. The struggle of senioritis is real, but it’s important to keep your grades up. You’re not done yet! Check in with Ms. Erin if you need support.