Seniors gather in the stadium to kick-off the new year.
Seniors gather in the stadium to kick-off the new year.
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It’s a New Year: Back to School 2023-2024

EHS students and staff give their thoughts and opinions on being back at school for the 2023-24 school year.

School is back and students are filling the halls and classrooms. We open the year with new people, a new schedule, and new policies.

But how do the people of Englewood High School feel about this year? Are they excited to be back? Are the freshmen ready for High school? Are the seniors ready to leave?

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Everyone has had a different high school experience, for some that ends this year, and for others –  it’s just starting. Seniors Josue Lopez Diego and Meike Wanders are excited for their senior year and for the end of high school, “I’m glad to be back and it’s my last year so just trying to get it over with,” said Lopez Diego. Wanders is new this year, “I’m feeling pretty confident about this year. It’s fun and everyone is really nice here.”


Yet other grade levels are not as excited about being back for more high school. Sophomore Logan Mael has mixed feelings, “Honestly, it’s been kinda kind of bad being back. It’s been wearing me out a lot. I’m tired, you know? The only reason I’m here is for sports.”


Teacher John Nonemacher loves being in the halls again, “I am very excited to be back. I love having the kids in the hall. Even the bad ones. I love just the energy of the school. I love the basketball season coming up. I love that life. Like this is what we do and why we do it. Man like I’m excited to be back. Summer sucks.”


Opinions and attitudes vary heavily between people. The position they are in also seems to have that effect, “I feel great about this school year. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of opportunities,” says incoming freshman Kennedy Underwood.


There are many things to look forward to this year. EHS activities are on the rise, with football, soccer, basketball, academics, band, choir and clubs as well as many other activities. 


Many students and staff are looking forward to sports seasons, “I’m excited for basketball season, and football games. Sports are always fun and it keeps looking up,” says sophomore Carson Warren.


Nonemacher, while a teacher, is also the head basketball coach, “I’m really excited to get the basketball season going. My hopes are high and the team is ready to work.” 


Staff and students say the year can be what you want it to be, “It goes how we make it, and we put the energy towards it and we kind of commit to something that’ll go really well. You know, it’d be great. And it would be one of our finest hours especially because we are shorthanded this year. So I’m excited about the challenge of that and if we want to blame and point fingers and stuff, either students or staff, then it’ll be a long grind of a year. But it is what we make it so I’m going to try to make it better for my time,” Nonemacher said. 


With many opinions and thoughts, your year is left up to you. So we ask you, is it so good to be back? Take our poll. 

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How do you feel to be back at school?


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