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The student news site of Englewood High School

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The student news site of Englewood High School

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Serenity Gambrell captures the partial eclipse by placing her special glasses over the lens of her phone.

Solar Eclipse 2024

Pirateer Staff
April 8, 2024

    At around 12:30, April 8, 2024,  Englewood High School students poured into Randy Penn Stadium,  donned their ISO Eclipter glasses and looked to the sky. "I liked being around...

PirateTV News

Hello and welcome to pirateTV. I'm Bri Martinez   And I'm Molly Huglund, and I'm Daniella Tobias.    We have a lot to get to today, including a look at the biggest scam facing teens'...

Should teachers be trained to use firearms?

Starting in the year 2010, school shootings have risen consistently across the country, with 346 in 2023 alone. With a lengthy history of gun violence, citizens and teachers of Colorado are seeing a rise...

How Englewood Hopes to Avoid Teacher Turnover

Estie VerCande and Molly Hoglund
March 13, 2024

Teachers are struggling to continue their careers as educators all over the country. Teachers leaving their positions is one of the rising critical issues facing schools. School staff say many problems...

Migrant students feel at home at EHS

Violence and uncertainty around the world have brought a surge of people to America. Colorado is a state where migrants can become refugees. They get food and shelter. We have a few students in Englewood...

Colorado teens need to be weary online

Adults consistently tell students to watch out for the world around them, but sometimes forget to look at the world behind the screen. Recently sextortion cases have spiked in Colorado with students coming...

Ticket to Ride

 In recent times, there has been a shortage of bus drivers to take student athletes to their away games and this has created a problem for those without a form of transportation. Just at the Englewood...

Are we ready for AI in the classroom?

When living in a country that is constantly developing AI technology, it can be hard to keep up with what Artificial Intelligence can do exactly. From realistic photos and videos to  being able to mimic...

Umberto Pinedo-Banuelos Jr in Academic Extensions class.

Spotlight: Umberto Pinedo-Banuelos Jr

Dylan Noll, Editor
December 5, 2023

Sophomore Umberto Pinedo-Banuelos Jr is often seen by students walking the halls in a military uniform, and while many notice it, only he and the people closest to him know the reason why.   At...

Ethan Leflar on opening day

E.T. Tea & Pastries

Michael Marquis, Multi-Media Journalist
December 1, 2023

There is a new morning Tea and Pastries stand at our school. It is called E.T. Tea & Pastries run by student Ethan Leflar. Leflar is a junior at EHS and one of our students on the Autism Spectrum....

Photo courtesy: Englewood Schools

Spotlight: New board member Katie Wilberding Cross

Serenity Gambrell, Editor In Chief
December 1, 2023

New faces, past problems, and a swearing-in that affects the future of Englewood students and staff. Two new board members will take the oath of office on Dec. 5. This comes at a contentious time, with...

Controversy ahead for the Englewood School Board

Serenity Gambrell, Editor
December 1, 2023

Ahead of the upcoming swearing-in of controversial Englewood school board member Davon Williams, scheduled for Dec. 5, Pirateer journalist Michael Marquis stepped away from his role as a reporter to advocate...

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