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The student news site of Englewood High School

The Pirateer

The student news site of Englewood High School

The Pirateer

Pirate Log 2023


Senior Yearbook Information

(Pirate Log 2023)

How to buy a Pirate Log Yearbook:

Members of the yearbook class sell the current Pirate Log from the date of Registration (August 2022) through the Annual Distribution Party (approx. 5/15/2023). The books are $45.00 until 12/1/2022. The prices go up in $5.00 increments until the party in May 2023. (IE: $50.00 from 12/2/2022 through 3/15/2023. $55.00 from 3/16/2023 through and including the annual party)

See Ms. Shotts or stop by room 2119 for more information.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We give students the opportunity to find a professional photographer on their own, use our preferred photographers list, or take a photo with a professional photographer in February for free. We don’t ever want cost to get in the way of getting a picture of your senior.” ”

— Ms Shotts

Here is the information you need to take and submit your senior photo for the yearbook!

Senior photos need to be turned in by November 18, 2022. If you have not submitted it by that date, we will automatically sign you up for a photo with our professional photographer in February 2023.

If you do not participate in that February session, you will be marked as “photo unavailable” at the end of the senior section.

As always, if something comes up, you need to speak to Ms. Shotts and keep her in the loop about your photo.

Click here for larger version of  SENIOR PORTRAIT RULES:

Senior Portrait Rules 2023











Bettinger Photography
[email protected]
3669 S. HURON ST. #203


Sandy Puc Photography

[email protected]

6044 W Canyon Ave, Littleton, CO 80128






Nicholas Neumann Photography







Monty Nuss Photography

Monty Nuss Seniors

6761 S Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122






Kelly Weaver Photography
Mainstreet, downtown Littleton
EHS Class of 2023 Information







We need to know by December 1, 2022, if you want a parent page. These take up space in a yearbook and we need to plan accordingly.

The deadline for photo submission is December 16, 2022

You can email Ms. Shotts with any questions:

[email protected]











Yearbook Disclaimer

Our yearbook is lovingly put together by the yearbook 1, 2, and 3 class at EHS. This is a student-led class with editors and editors-in-chief. All decisions about color, content, and design are made by the entire class.

We know we cannot find all of the mistakes, but please be kind to the staff as they worked for 8 months on this book!



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