Student-led Candidate Forum *LIVE EVENT*

Monday, October 11 6:00pm Online and at EHS (Venue)

Questions for the panel

If you would like to ask a question during the live event, please send it to [email protected]


Outline of the event: 

Candidates choose a piece of paper to see who answers first

Introduction of Moderator by Dr. Wendy Rubin


Moderator introduction: 

(A1) Good evening and welcome to this event. We are here to discuss the state of our education system and the candidates who hope to bring new ideas and change to our school district. 


We as students understand that developing a plan to take schools in the right direction is easier said than done. As members of the Englewood school community, we believe the first challenge lies in identifying underlying problems keeping students from learning today. 


(A2) This challenge, in part, is due to the fact that the problems may change considerably depending on who is on the receiving end of them. Is it students, parents, educators or lawmakers? 


For students, we struggle to understand the big issues of BUDGETS, DISTRICT OPERATING COSTS, AND BOND MEASURES.


(A3) Instead, we worry about things that affect us each and every day we are in school.  Our top issues are CLASSROOM SIZES, OVERCROWDING, COVID SAFETY, GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS, OUR PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE, AND TEACHER SHORTAGES. 


(A4) We will spend our time with you candidates, addressing these issues and asking for your thoughts on these topics. 


Now, we have drawn names for the order in which candidates will introduce themselves… and ____________________________ will go first. You each have two minutes.


  1. Candidates give a brief introduction (2 minutes each – 15 minutes)


  • Julie Hoag
  • Duane Tucker (on tape) 
  • Andy Szekeres
  • Steven Leflar
  • Derek Dye
  • Caty Husbands


  1. Moderator asks 5 questions (30 minutes)


(A4) Thank you all for coming tonight. Let’s dive into our questions! 


Questions from student panel: 


  1. (A4) We will begin with the heavy questions first. You have watched the COVID pandemic interrupt education around the world. Please tell us your thoughts on keeping students safe while ensuring a quality education for us? 



  1. (A3) Recently, graduation requirements have changed and students are showing proficiency in math and English to graduate. Students are worried about this dramatic change and want to know your thoughts on this and being ready for the next steps after high school. 


  1. (A2) Students feel in the dark about the next steps in mask mandates in a covid world. How will you be transparent to students and families about changes in COVID protocols? Students want to feel safe. 


  1. (A1) Classroom sizes are very large right now as many families, who want solid COVID protocols, moved to our district.  Do you have a plan to address this issue? 


  1. (A2) As students who spend a lot of time with teachers, we see them working very hard for us. But we also know there is a huge teacher shortage and a lack of substitute teachers when teachers need a day off. How do you plan to entice high-quality teachers to come to our district, get them to stay, and get them subs when needed? 



(A3) Now we will take questions from the audience here and online. If you are watching live, we direct you to the email link for our adviser Karla Shotts. It is below the video you are watching now. You are welcome to submit questions. 


(A4) Please remember, because this is a student-led forum geared to the needs of students, please… we ask that you limit questions to students’ needs. 


  1. Moderator takes questions the audience has provided on index cards (20 minutes)


Wrap up: 


(A4) Thank you all for coming tonight and to all who participated in this forum. 


If you would like to know more about each candidate, we have a link on below where you are watching this debate.


(A3) Election Day is November 2nd. We encourage everyone to get out and vote. Have a great evening!