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Tawnee Guy, Staff Writer

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You can scat down the hall, show your chops in class, but until you strut your stuff in front of an audience, your jazz skills could fall on deaf ears. EHS Choir teacher Garlyn Saddler recently gathered the best belters and headed north to the Union Colony Civic Center UNC Jazz festival. Two groups, The Expressions and ETC had the audience “in the pocket”. The phrase refers to a unified understanding of rhythmic time among musicians and the students sure felt it. Expressions were given high ratings, and ETC students were given outstanding ratings for their performance in front of the National Judges! Not only did the students get live and recorded feedback, Ms. Saddler said they also got the advantage to take a look at high schools and colleges around the state. In addition to that, they attended professional workshops by Jazz artists like the New York Voices. They are a well-seasoned top performing worldwide Jazz group. Students also got a chance to be heard by the Jazz professors from the University of North Texas and other schools.

A quick break from competition at a park near UNC in Fort Collins

A quick break from competition at a park near UNC in Fort Collins

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