High energy pep-rally kicks-off Homecoming week

Homecoming officially starts Monday

Delilah Joe, Hanz Nickell

Englewood, Co.-Sing the fight song at the top of your lungs, compete against other classes and cheer for your school! It is almost time to honor Englewood High school and the TEC campus’ long history during homecoming week. Thursday, students and staff from the entire campus participated in a kick-off rally.

Freshmen dressed in red, sophomores in yellow, juniors in orange, seniors in blue and staff in black. This kick-off celebration is a tradition dating back several decades.

Is there a better way to get students excited about Homecoming week? During the TEC campus kick-off pep rally, teachers in Englewood gave students their version of the Michael Jackson Thriller dance! Teachers have spent the last few weeks practicing the routine to make it special for the students. Homecoming week officially starts Monday.