Pirateer Staff

All three schools at TEC joined together for GEEK in September. According to 8th grader Kaitlyn, “good” is an understatement. She says, “I really liked it, it was creative and unique.”

GEEK is a way to honor fangirls and fanboys, and celebrate the universe of anime, comics, and science fiction. “As a part of anime culture, I’ve been interested in going to a ComicCon style convention, but have never had the opportunity to actually go myself,” says Daniel Martins (12) who played two main characters. “Being in Geek! allowed me to experience all the drama and excitement of such an event without having to pay for the actual convention.”

EHS Theater Director Talia Liccardello says the play was written by a New York City theater group called the Vampire Cowboys two years ago. Ms. L was excited to use the play because she says high schools don’t do new plays, “They did it in three weeks and totally stepped up, we did multi-media for the play which was cool.”