Rushed for Lunch

Rushed for lunch.


Students at lunch

Cody Baldridge , Writer

40 minutes. That’s it

“I feel that the lunchtime should be longer because if you go off campus we don’t have enough time to get our food and eat it in time before our next class,” Kyle Venable (11).It’s just part of being a student to complain about lunchtime, but at EHS, students have some real concerns about the time constraints of the new lunch period. Stephanny Ramirez is a senior and has seen a change in her lunchtime
every one of the four years she has been at EHS, “It’s short and it gives you little time to eat.” Do you feel the lunch time should be extended? “Yes even by like ten minutes.”Those students who chose to leave campus are fighting the clock. They are rushing to their destinations like Safeway, Chick-fil-A, Subway or 7-11.

“I think it is an opportunity for kids to improve their time management. Overall i think it’s a great thing,” Mr. Palermo EHS assistant principal.EHS Dean Mandy Miller says students haven’t quite figured it out yet, “Highest amount of tardies are after lunch and first period.”

“It’s fine to have open campus but we really need to have students get back to class on time.” Mr. Swanson (Dean of Students)”I believe that students should be treated as young adults.” says EHS principal Ryan West. He is willing to keep an open open campus as long as it doesn’t become too much of a discipline issue, “I think open campus is a privilege for everyone to do it.”

A 40 minute lunchtime means students who grab food off campus often don’t have time to come back and sit in the commons and eat and health experts say, students need to sit, relax and eat, “High school students need nutrition for their every-day activities. Without proper nutrition, our students struggle to learn and our athletes struggle to perform”, say Matthew Hairgrove, the assistant to the Director of Food and Nutrition Services for the district. He says the human body needs to process its fuel, “The human body operates like a machine. Without the proper fuel, the machine eventually stops working.”
Students say the administration doesn’t understand the time it takes to walk to a lunch spot, “Since we have the opportunity to leave campus, you leave right after class in order to get there and come back and eat,” Pedro Sanchez (9th).

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