Englewood voters approve money for new primary schools

EHS students are excited for the younger students in the district.

Pirateer Staff

Englewood, Co.- Englewood’s elementary schools; Bishop, Charles Hay World School, Cherrelyn, Clayton and the Early Childhood Center at Maddox will all be replaced after voters passed ballot issue 3D and 3E. Skurta Berisa (9) went to elementary school in Englewood and says, “The bond passing is a positive thing because we need new buildings desperately.”

The measures are in the form of a bond and a mill levy and asked voters for $97.5 million to replace the schools, and a $1.5 million dollar mill levy override. The youngest school is about 61 years old, the oldest is 68 years old.

Morgan Evans (12) is excited about the measure passing, “I wanted the bond to pass for new elementary schools because when you walk into a new atmosphere, it helps students focus better in school.”

The school district said in a statement, “The Englewood community advocated for our schools in this year’s election, and we are very grateful. Our community did the same in 2011 when residents voted to rebuild our secondary schools”. Evans says, “All in all it gets students excited and ready to learn.”

It went on to say the elementary students will now benefit from the same state-of-the-art facilities that cultivate welcoming, inspiring and safe places of learning for your children. The planning for mill levy and bond-related projects will begin right away to prepare for construction as soon as school is out in May 2017. Next month, the district will present a bond project timeline to our board of education, which will be available to everyone at www.englewoodschools.net.

You can be part of the process. If you are interested in being involved in next steps for bond and mill levy planning, you can write the district at [email protected].

Josiah Huizar (12) is ready to move ahead with the project, “I think elementary should have the same treatment as the high school and middle school to give the kids a reason to respect their school and feel safer.”

courtesy: Arapahoe County http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CO/Arapahoe/63748/182689/Web01/en/summary.html
courtesy: Arapahoe County http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CO/Arapahoe/63748/182689/Web01/en/summary.html