Watch the progress as the TEC field gets a make-over


Pirate Stadium is getting a face-lift. Crews have been working for weeks pulling up the old turf (not easy) and putting down fresh greens (a dirty job). We spoke to Mr. West about the cost, the time-frame, and why this was a great time to get it done.

Pirateer Staff: How much is the new turf going to cost?

Mr. West: ”I think that this particular project is going to cost us around the neighborhood of $450,000. It is cheaper to replace it. We don’t have to do all the side work and the work that they did when they put in the original turf. The original turf was on there for 11 years and it’s just worn out over time.  The lifetime for turf is usually about 9 – 10 years so that old turf actually gave us a couple extra years. We’re excited to get it.”

Pirateer Staff: How long will it take to get to new turf?

Mr. West: “It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to put down the new turf so they have to lay it all out and then sew the sections all together make sure that all the lines on the field line up.

Pirateer Staff: Why did you choose to put on the new turf?

West: “It was time to be replaced they (the district) had set money aside for it a couple of years ago so we actually went a couple of extra years with it. We just thought this was the right time to do it and that this is the best time of year to put it in. The summertime is so busy with the contractors wanting to do other projects. This is a great time to do it because we will have it ready in time for our girls’ soccer and lacrosse season in the springtime.”