Announcements for April 7, 2017


District Art Show

Hello and welcome to the TEC announcements for the week of April 7th. I’m Kat Ryan.

And I’m Louis Bernard.

Students at Englewood High school are learning about the changes happening in the cafeteria. Students were upset after another critical report was issued by the Tri-County health department in March. The March 7th report found food temperature issues as well as evidence of insects or rodent droppings. This was a follow-up inspection to the numerous issues found in February when health experts came through the TEC kitchen with a fine tooth comb.

(K) The news of continuing issues in the kitchen hit the Englewood Administration hard. Principal Ryan West is not in charge of the cafeteria at the TEC campus. Issues are handled at the district level. Mr West said when it upsets the students, he can’t help but be upset himself, he says he was very disappointed. Now, The TEC lunchroom staff has been working hard to improve the recent conditions in the kitchen. Here we have Kat Ryan and Mason Lores to review the progress and improvements.



(L)Congratulations to Freshman James Sharp and Senior Janae Brown. Last night, these two students competed in the Optimist International Oratorical Contest. James placed 3rd earning a bronze medal and $50 cash prize, and Janae placed 2nd earning a silver medal and $100 cash prize. When you see James and Janae ask them how their public speaking class here at the high schools helped prepare them for this competition.

(L) The counseling department is starting a new stress group. You can take part every Thursday. Here are the counselors with all the details.


(K) You know that class you ditched? The one you fell asleep in every day? Big shock! You failed it. But you still need it to graduate. Well, so far, you could take credit recovery class for free until you passed. That is not going to be true for very long One of our counselors, Mr. Mashcka, tells us more.


(K) You can read more on credit recovery on

(L)Are you interested in a career in electrical, plumbing or framing? We now have a partnership with Shae Homes, C & T plumbing, Courtesy Electric company and Van Dyk construction.(roll) You could get school course hours, credit hours toward state licensure, and on the job training. If you are interested you can talk to, Bill gillmore, the STEM coordinator for the district.

(K)He says, there is an incredible demand for people who are willing to learn the construction field in Colorado. there are far more jobs than people willing to fill them. Major companies are looking to hire students straight out of high school, teach them a trade and get them on a career path.”

He says this is a great opportunity because They are well-paying careers. they are transportable and you can work anywhere in the country”


(K) Students involved in art classes at the TEC campus have their works of art shown at the District Art Show. About 50 students will have their work displayed at the Englewood Public Library from March 24th through April 13th. Freshman Lilly Johnson has a piece in the art show. She says, “Art is fun, it gives you a way to express yourself.” Art students work on one piece every three weeks



(L)Talent show auditions are today (roll) during Enrichment and

after school. Sign up on the Black Box Door for a time slot. Ms. L has more information



(L) The Talent Show is April 13th.

(K) The After Prom Committee is having a Car Wash Fundraiser this Saturday April 8th from 11am-3pm. Come see us and get your car washed at AutoLab – 4000 S. Broadway. After our crazy weather in Colorado we can all use a car wash!!

(L) The yearbook class is selling the 2016-2017 yearbook. It is only $45! Seniors, don’t miss the chance to get your last yearbook! You can order the yearbook online at or see Ms. Shotts in room 1112. If you have already ordered a yearbook, you can pick it up at the Luau in May.

(K) In sports, The baseball team is struggling to get wins and is OH and 5, but is working on their fielding skills. Steven Harris talked to one of the team members about this season.



(L)The Englewood lacrosse team is off to a decent start this season, but not great. Players say it is because of the schools they play. Here’s more with Chase Sodderstrom.


(K) for the rest of the week, this Thursday, April 6:

Varsity Lacrosse vs. Rangeview – 6:00 pm

(L) On Friday, April 7:

Varsity Lacrosse vs. Valor Christian – 6:30 pm

(K) and Saturday, April 8:

its the track team Windjammer.

(L) have a great week!