New Bell Schedule

Jaydin Webb, Editor in chief

    Rise and shine TEC students! School will begin 5 minutes earlier when you return from summer break for the 2017-2018 school year. District officials have been working with the public, teachers, administrators and instructional experts to divide up the school day into pieces that make the most of the time students spend in school. “What is 5 minutes going to change? It will make it difficult for late students to be here on time. Changing Enrichment to AVID will make it harder to keep up with school work. Enrichment was a great time to work on make-up work,” says Adam Scheneman (9).   

     The new schedule is similar to this year but gives students a start time of 8:15 next year instead of 8:20. The day starts earlier, but it also ends earlier at 3:20. The new schedule also does away with the long Enrichment time on Thursdays and replaces it with AVID instruction time for all students.

     The changing schedule is a concern of many students who have seen time changes every year they have been at Englewood High school, “Since my freshman year, we never kept a schedule. Every year it has changed and it has been really annoying and irritating. We shouldn’t have to change the schedule every year. We need to figure out a schedule and stick with it,” says Brittany Castro (12).

Printable schedule for EHS 2017-2018