Baseball team building skills each game


Pirateer Staff

EHS vs Platte Canyon

Cody Baldridge , Pirateer staff

Players say it has been a rocky road filled with frustration for varsity baseball this year. The team has come very close to winning games but has come up short every time. When watching the team play, it is clear there is talent out on the field.

Mason Robertson a freshman says, “The team is very young but we can only get better at this point.” The team has always wanted to win from the start of the season but with the losses stacking up, some players were starting to think they will never win a game. All though this has not been a great season, the players are willing to stick out the remaining games and try to get a win before the season is over.

Scott Berry, a sophomore has a very strong view of the season, “We are having a really bad season. I feel that we have a very young team and the team doesn’t have chemistry yet. Having such a young team, I feel like we don’t have upper-class men being team leaders. I strongly believe that coaches are putting players in a position where they can succeed and help the team.”

But although the coaches have made some good moves to put players in the right position, players like sophomore Thomas O’Conner say they really need to look ahead to next season, “The feeling from the players is to get this season over with and look forward to summer baseball and next spring.”