PirateTV Announcements 8/31/2017

(j)Good morning and welcome to Pirate TV…. im Jihad…

(s)and I’m Katie. Welcome to our first newscast of the new schoolyear.


(J)Many of our Englewood high school students are watching the effects of Hurricane Harvey knowing family and friends who live in texas are going through a lot right now.


In addition, many of your relatives are flying into Colorado to stay here while the flooding causes havoc. According to the Weather Channel there will be life threatening flooding.

About 7,000 people have arrived at the Houston shelter set up inside the George R. Brown Convention Center, which originally had an estimated capacity of 5,000.


(Int-Lin Alsubhi/9)


9th grader Rayne Hostlie has family in Houston, Texas, she says her family is trying to figure out what to do”

junior Valeria Jabalera is worried about her grandparents who live in the path of Harvey.



(XXX)Here at Englewood high school students have been talking about the recent controversy that happened at East high school with the cheerleading coach. The video we have is hard to watch. a warning to those of you who may be upset by the video.


According to the Denver Post, Denver police are investigating an incident involving East High School cheerleaders and their coach during cheer camp.

Denver Public Schools superintendent Tom Boasberg said five school officials were placed on administrative leave after he was made aware of videos.

A video shows East cheerleader and freshman Ally Wakefield forced into a split by her coach Ozell Williams while screaming in pain and repeatedly asking him to “please stop.”

Englewood cheer coach Ginger Rode says she was shocked when she first heard about it. She was even more appalled when she saw the video saying she couldn’t watch the whole thing. It made her sick to her stomach over it.

She says she spoke to the EHS team about their feelings/thoughts over the video and then they talked about how she never even make them do the splits ever. We have more of this interview and we spoke to EHS cheerleaders. You can read it in the Pirateer or on the pirateer dot com beginning next Monday.

(XXX)Students here in Englewood were able to see 92-percent totality when the Lunar eclipse happened this past Monday.


Everyone had a chance to go out to Pirate Stadium, put on cool glasses and look up at the event unfolding in the sky. Most students had a lot of fun. A lot of students were disappointed expecting something better. It’s not clear students knew exactly what to expect. Students here saw a change in the light, but didn’t experience darkness.

Science teachers were very excited to share this with the students.


(int-Cassie Weason

Ashlynn Webb/9

Savion Romero/10)

” ”


Here is the wrap up of the eclipse:

April 8, 2024: The next total eclipse in the United States (this one will be in the Midwest)

May 11, 2078: The next total solar eclipse.



Many of your englewood pirates are excited and happy about their new band trailer.

Come see our very own masterpiece.

The Englewood Band finally had a new trailer that fits their style. The trailer was wrapped in the summer and I ready for use this school year. You can come see our trailer outside by the football field. We interviewed some people from band and they told us why it was important to them.

(sot)Shyanna Mader


Come down and see it with your own eyes.

(XXX)Seniors took there photos on the Tuesday 29th of August. It was there only chance to get a photo of the whole class. Students who haven’t ordered his/her photos yet still have a chance. If you go to BestClassPicture.com before Sunday the 3rd of September you can order them there. The prices are as follows: Formal not laminated=$21, Funny not laminated=$27, Formal laminated=$27, Funny laminated=$27, Both laminated w/ warranty=$43. If you order it after the Sunday deadline expect an extra $10 fee.

(XXX)The yearbook class is selling the 2017-2018 yearbook. It is only $45! Seniors, don’t miss the chance to get your last yearbook! You can order the yearbook from Ms. Shotts in room 1112. If you have already ordered a yearbook, you can pick it up at the Luau in May.

(XXX)There are several ways you can support englewood athletes this week.

Golf, football, softball, volleyball and soccer all have matches thursday.

We had a chance to talk to Aaron Ortiz a football player here at englewood we asked him about his upcoming game on Thursday September 2nd and how does he feel about the season.


(int-Aaron Ortiz) 12

(blake Breaaezeale) 10


Thanks for joining us…. have a great week.