“Prayers to them” – TEC reaction to Las Vegas shooting

Students are upset about the incident and worried about their safety.

Jaydin Webb, Editor-in-chief

Students at TEC woke to horrible news Monday morning.  “Scary! It’s a crazy feeling” said Francisco Sanchez (9).

Around 10:00, terror hit the Las Vegas strip.  At least 58 people were killed and 500 injured during a Las Vegas music festival. According to CNN, a 64-year-old man fired shots from a hotel room window at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.

A concertgoer captured the fear and shock of the crowd as gunshots rang out.  People at the concert dove for cover or stayed close to the ground as they tried to determine where the shots originated. The video has been playing on students phones all day as they watch and talk about every detail of the incident. “Every year, I feel like the shootings are getting worse and worse. It may not affect us personally right now, but how long before something happens to me or my loved ones. Prayers to them,” said Darwin Porix (10).

Singer Jason Aldean was on stage during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. It is a three-day event. 22,000 people were at the concert.

Many older students asked where they could donate blood to help the victims who are still being treated at Las Vegas hospitals. “I feel disgusted by humanity,” said Oscar Alvizo (10). He and other students struggle to find answers when horrific events unfold. Principal Ryan West knows this is hard for students because it is hard for him to digest as well, “I have no idea what could have been going through the shooters mind. I woke up to see a notification on my phone and rushed to the tv to find out the had been a shooting in Vegas. I honestly don’t understand any of it. I feel like we should all be a little more vigilant and notice our surroundings. It’s nothing new but it does seem to be happening a lot more often lately.”

One sentiment resounded around the campus, “It is very sad,” said Johnathan Ashlock (11). One senior is left with more questions, “I feel sad about it, I don’t know why there are people like this.” CNN says the gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock was an accountant who police say had at least 10 rifles in his room on the 32nd floor of the hotel.  Police say the gunman killed himself before swat officers entered the room.

Students struggling with their feelings and emotions following this event should speak to a counselor or an adult.

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