Student-led School Board Candidate Forum

Hello candidates and guests and welcome to the Student-Led Forum Moderated by EHS Journalism Students. We’d like to introduce our student group..

(left to right)

We are here tonight to talk about the future of Englewood School District and some of the concerns facing the District, administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community.


Englewood Schools has 3 out of 5 positions on its Board of Education up for election this election day – November 7, 2017. There are 5 candidates running for those positions. Todd Fahnestock, Jennifer Hubbard, Caty Husbands, Carl Montegna Junior, and Tena Prange.

We would like you to introduce yourselves. We drew straws before we began… and Tena Prange will start us off tonight.

(Candidates’ intro)

We polled students around the Englewood campus this week and found… the state of our education system has plenty of room for improvement. Students are concerned about class sizes, money for their programs, home issues affecting school work, technology, student attitudes and behavior, including bullying, and parental involvement.

Students want to know that our school board can develop a plan to take schools in the right direction. We know that is easier said than done.

(XX) Our format tonight is… a question from the panel directed to one of the candidates. Please answer in 2 minutes or less. The other candidates will have 1 minute to respond. After the panel has asked the questions gathered from students, we will take questions from the audience.

Let’s get started!  


  1. Many students complain about testing. What would you say to them and are there better tools to determine how learning is happening in schools?
  2. We want to talk about student retention. How do we keep students from going to other schools?
  3. What about teacher retention? How do we make Englewood a place that great teachers want to work?
  4. How will your position on the school board affect me as a student directly?
  5. Do you have kids and how do you connect with the students in our schools?
  6. We do a lot of fundraising at our school for our programs, sports, and activities. How do we take more of the burden off our already struggling families?

At this time, we can take questions from the audience.

Thank you all for your time. We will have the video of this event available on our school website and on the Englewood site.


Again…. Englewood Schools has 3 out of 5 positions on its Board of Education up for election this election day – November 7, 2017. This election is a mail-only election and ballots will be mailed to active registered voters beginning Oct. 16. We urge residents to please visit in advance to confirm that you are registered to vote and that your address is current.

Have a great evening!