New Rules Take Effect Nov. 6th

Jaydin Webb, Editor in chief

A lot of students are upset about the new changes happening around the school. These include where you can sit, what you can watch and what we are allowed to do.

Principal Ryan West announced the new rules he calls commitments that will be effective November 6.

Here is the list and students reactions:

1) Commit to being an engaged learner in the classroom.

Cell phones are not to be seen or heard during class time, includes using them to listen to music. Cell phone use is allowed during passing & lunch. Cell phones seen or heard in class will be taken by teachers, labeled with the student’s name, and delivered to the office for a parent to pick up.                        

“I think it’s dumb because music helps me focus in class and kids are not going to give their phones up to teachers,” Zachary Turner-Lacy (9) said.

“I feel like no one is going to listen and music is helpful to keep me focussed during class,” Daejarae Aragon (10) said.

“I guess it makes sense because no one ever listens and we have a lot of freedom,” Darwin Porix (10) said.

“If they think it’s going to work that is ridiculous. After a while, everyone will act out,” Pedro Sanchez (10) said.

We at the Pirateer support the cell phone policy but Editors worry about rising behavioral issues that will come with the change. We believe a majority of students are respectful with their phones. In this instance, the entire class and through this change, the entire school is being punished for the behavior of some.

2) Commit to expecting to learn every day.

All students are expected to be in classrooms or in the commons (if they have an off period). All furniture has been removed from the hallways so that there is no longer a “lounge” environment for students to hang out in.

The Pirateer staff is fully behind this expectation as classrooms are constantly disrupted with noise. It also limits the number of places students can go to ditch.

3) Commit to being where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.

Tardies are becoming excessive, 3 tardies equal an unexcused absence. Tardy tunes mean you should be headed to class. “I think it’s a good idea but they need to tone down the consequences,” Timothy Maestas (9) said. “They are still showing up to class so I think the consequences are too tough,” Yakez Daughtry (10) said.

The Pirateer staff fully support this expectation and believe we can do more to stop unexcused absences as well. Tardies are harder to control.

4) The campus is now closed to all freshmen students.

Lunch detention/ISS for violations.

The Pirateer staff strongly support this policy.

5) Commit to keeping your school clean and a place you are proud of.

Food and trash in the hallways is becoming a problem. Please pick up after yourselves and help one another to make good choices. Food must be eaten in the commons only.

The Pirateer staff strongly support this policy. Trash looks bad when other schools come onto our campus. It is time to fix this issue.

6) Commit to taking pride in your words, your appearance, and your actions.

Mr. West says the language used towards each other has got to change. He believes dress code needs to be followed, and our actions need to be those which support and take care of each other.

We at the Pirateer want a positive environment enforced on all students and staff within our building.