PirateTV announcements March 14th, 2018



Hello and welcome to Pirate TV announcements for the week of March 11th.

Students here at Englewood are taking part in national walkout day Wednesday.

It’s been nearly a month since the Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. 17 students and faculty members were killed.

In the weeks since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, survivors and their allies have turned their grief into activism and advocacy. Part of that effort is Wednesday’s national school walkout which students at Englewood will take part.

The nationwide protest is a memorial. Students and teachers across the United States will walk out of their schools and universities to honor the lives of the 17 people killed.

Students are asked to wear orange which is the national color of unity.

The walkout is also about stricter gun control laws, according to EMPOWER, the group organizing the action.

Those taking part want Congress to:

Ban assault weapons

Require universal background checks before gun sales

Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior.

Here is a look at the event.


(XXXX)With the rise in unsafe activity happening in schools lately, we investigated into the security here at Englewood. Katie Moraja has our story.


The recent school shootings have left many communities, and the entire country, devastated. The security team at Englewood is aware of how students react to tragedies like these and is doing the most they can to keep our building safe.


Some students feel that security is not always the best around our school. Guinevere Sailors says that more could be done to keep the building secure and students and staff safe. She is also unsure of how the team would react to the worst case scenario of an attack on the school.


Whatever your opinion on the state of our security staff, we can all agree it is a hard job with a lot of work to do, especially in the current unstable climate. Reporting for Pirate TV, I’m Katie Moraja.

(XXXX)The yearly Music In Our Schools Month choir concert is coming up this Thursday, March 15, in the auditorium. The theme this year is “multicultural” and the songs highlight different places around the world. All the Englewood choirs, from elementary to high school, will be participating.

(XXXX)Do you want to win a gift card? Do you have a knack for singing, ventriloquism, or another talent? The Talent Show is for you! Sign up on the Blackbox door, show up to auditions on Monday, March 19th, and perform at the Talent Show on Friday, April 6th to have a chance at fame and money!

(XXXX)It is time to think about college! Visits are currently scheduled to go to Arapahoe Community College, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and Johnson & Wales University. We had a chance to talk to the councilors for more information.


See Ms. Erin for a permission slip!

(XXXX)The yearbook class is selling 2017-18 year books for $45. The yearbook is a huge tradition at Englewood and is an important part of our school. Most students only see the final yearbook and have little idea the work that goes on throughout the year to make the final copy. Production starts very early in the year and continues to until the end. As the year comes to an end don’t forget to by your 2017-18 yearbook!


(XXXX) in Sports….

Wednesday, March 14th

Baseball (V/JV) – 3:30, 5:00 vs. Platte Canyon

Girls Soccer (JV/V) – 4:30, 6:30 vs. St. Mary’s Academy

Thursday, March 15th

District Choir Concert – 7:00 pm, Auditorium

Baseball (V) – 4:00 pm @ Jefferson HS, Dismiss at 2:00 pm

Friday, March 16th

Girls Soccer (V/JV)- 4:00, 5:30 @ George Washington HS, Dismiss at 2:30 pm

Fundraiser: Dodgeball – 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Fieldhouse

Lacrosse (V) – 6:30 pm vs. George Washington


Parent/Teacher Conferences are next wedendays and thursday from – 4:15 pm – 8:00 pm


Thanks for joing us have a great week!