PirateTV announcements for April 2nd, 2018

Hello and welcome to the PirateTV announcements for the week of April 2nd.

(C)With the increase of worry in students and staff because of the recent shootings, the TEC campus has hired two new security guards to make our school safer.


We had a chance to speak to one of the guards Steve Hite and we asked him why they have added new people to the security staff,

(sot)Steve Hite

(K)We now have 5 staff members in charge of Security at the TEC campus.

(c)Students at Englewood high school are starting to stress about the testing that is coming up next week. We had a chance to talk to Principal Ryan West and he is confident that the schedule is less stressful. Sophie Bernard has our story.



Next week there will be opportunities for all students in grades 9-11 to “show what they know” on Colorado state assessments. The testing will look very different this year as there will only be one day of testing for our 9th and 10th graders and only two days of testing for our 11th grade students.


For the first time this year our 9th grade students will we taking the PSAT 8/9 along with all of the rest of the 9th graders across the State of Colorado.


The test will now align with the PSAT 10 test as well as the SAT test that we will take in 11th grade. The only CMAS (Colorado Measure of Academic Success) test remaining for high school students is the 11th grade Science assessment.


Mr. West says this reduction in testing is a great thing, it limits the number of disruptions to our daily schedule yet still gives us a great set of data from which we can develop our direction in classes. It also gives us a chance to see where we need to work harder.

For PirateTV, Im Sophie Bernard.

-on camera-

(k)Our testing day is next Tuesday, April 10th. You will have more information from your advisory classes.


(c)Our wheel-chaired students received a grant based on a voting process. They then used this grant to purchase a wheelchair swing. Which allows certain wheel-chaired students to experience things they otherwise would never experience.


“They get a chance to swing, which they’ve never swung in their life…” Cyndi Figaro

(k)We could get the chair in the coming months.

(c) “I didn’t really believe it, it was surreal. ” Maria Alsubhi said when she got the letter.. Alsubhi is one of 42 finalists awarded the Boettcher Scholarship. She has been busy since October to secure a place as a semi-finalist, “I spent two weeks working day and night working on it. 1,500 applied. It is an invitation-only application. Only the top 10-percent of students at each high school can apply. The counselor has to invite the student to apply.”

The Boettcher Scholarship is a Colorado scholarship for seniors. It is one of the oldest merit-based scholarships in the state and is super prestigious. The scholarship covers the cost of their tuition, fees and books for eight semesters or 12 quarters at approved Colorado four-year universities or colleges.

(xxx) FAFSA applications


are past due but it is not too late to talk to a counselor about your options. Ms. Erin tells us more about FAFSA and the benefits of this great program.

(SOT) Erin Ulrich/Counselor

(k)In addition, EHS will be holding a college acceptance event during advisory on Thursday. We will honor those who have decided on a school.

(c)hey seniors, the senior shirt is now on sale for $13.00 you should got a email from Daniel. Here is the design. Fill out the google doc to order one.

(k)The yearbook class is selling 2017-18 year books for $45. The yearbook is a huge tradition at Englewood and is an important part of our school. Shy Clanton has our story.


Here at Englewood yearbooks have been a important part of our school for many years. Students feel that it gives you the chance to look back on your life in high school. Haley Kelly says why she believes the yearbook is important for students not only now but in the future as well.

(Sot) Haley Kelly

The yearbook plays a huge role in the history and future of our school. From being able to look back at your past to a few cool new additions from throught the years it is no doubt very important to many students. Miguel, a freshman explains how you can use it to reflect when you get older.

(Sot) Miguel

Most students only see the final yearbook and have little idea the work that goes on throughout the year to make the final copy. Production starts very early in the year and continues to until the end. The yearbook and journalism teacher Ms. Shotts gives us some insight into some of the other work that goes into its creation.

(Sot) Ms. Shotts

As the year comes to an end don’t forget to by your 2017-18 yearbook! Reporting for Piratetv I’m Shy Clanton.

(c) There is a cheer Tryout Informational Meeting this Wednesday April 4th from 4-5 pm in the Team Room – the Classroom off the gym (between the gym and wrestling room). This Meeting is to learn more about tryouts – which are April 16th – 19th from 4-6 pm.

(k) in Sports…


The girls at Englewood this year are Kicking the competition away. They have only 10 games left this season and you know they will not give up. Varsity has won 1 game and the plan on winning many more.

The girls play again Friday at George Washington.

(c)We asked the team goalie what they are focussing on this season and how they are keeping a positive attitude.

(sot) Riley Graves (10) /Goalie

(c)Lacrosse plays Wednesday at Rangeview High school.

(k) The baseball season is rough according to Coach Brink, but that their wins or losses this year do not show the heart of the team.

(sot) Coach Kyle Brink/Coach

(sot) Isaiah Martinez/player

(c)The team plays Wednesday away game at Conifer.

(k) Track has a meet on Saturday, and tennis has a home match against Conifer on thursday.

(c)Thanks for joining us for the PirateTV news.. Have a great week!