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When something has been one way for decades, it can be scary to introduce change. But that is exactly what happened this year for Englewood football. One coaching team left, and a new one came in with new energy. This was a lesson for student-athletes who found out they may have lost something good but gained something better. Katie Mor-ah-ha tells us more.


TRT:  4:33

OQ: “to a new level.”  


We all know Englewood is steeped in tradition and history, but did you ever wonder how Englewood became… Englewood? Its journey includes a gold rush, bars, an important election, and a little business called General Iron Works. Casey Cheatum (cheat-um) has our story:


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Oq: be those innovative people.”


 Englewood High school has been celebrating homecoming for more than 100 years and there are traditions that have survived the test of time. On Wednesday, students took part in a few of these time-honored events. Here’s a look.


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