PirateTV Announcements 9/19/2018

Hello and welcome to Pirate TV for the week of September 19th, 2018.

  1. I’m ____

(1)And I’m ________

(1) September is suicide awareness month. Counselors will be going out to all sophomore English classes to do a presentation on SOS (signs of suicide). This might bring up some emotions in some students, so make sure you take a moment to notice those around you and be watchful of anyone who may be struggling.

During lunch on Wednesday & Thursday we will have a large sign that students can come and sign to take the pledge to keep our pirates safe.

(2)We have somebody in the weight room who is dedicated to the health and safety of our students. We have Shelby Black in the weight room to talk to Mr. Chiacchierri


Reporter Lede

Here today we get a more of a look into the way the weight room influences students


Mr Chiacchierri has been educating students about weight training for A good amount of time.

(Mr Chiacchierri )

” My background is in training and strength conditioning ten years ago i got into that um I worked for valor high school. Taught weight training at a college level at metro state university helped with their strength program”


We asked about what led him here, and what inspired him to be a PE teacher

(Mr Chiacchierri )

“In 2009 i blew my knee out and had a really intricate time with surgery and getting to know my body so that reaffirmed for me what i wanted to do to help people be effective and safe with the weight room.”


His injury inspired him to teach children about strength health and safety

(Mr Chiacchiere )

“So here englewood as a pe teacher teaching weight training and health and fitness class and also coordinating the strength coordination program”

” I get a great opportunity to help instill safe training methods and hopefully produce safe and effective weight lifters once every student graduates from this high school”

(nat sound)


So then We asked students about these methods

(Julian Stell)

“It’s a great class i love the people in this class i love working out”


He says it works for him better than some other classes

(Julian Stell)

It certainly suits my style of learning very independently here’s what we’re going to do now go do it


“Would You take this past high school”

(Julian Stell)

Oh absolutely


He’s learned more than he thought capable

(Julian Stell)

“I learned more than i originally thought.”

(anchor) There are some important dates coming up for those of you applying for Federal financial aid for college. Ms. Erin says she is there to help anyone who is confused by the forms.


(1)Try-outs for the school play are this week and many students signed up for the opportunity to take part. Crazytown was picked by the new theater teacher because she says it can have a pretty large cast.

(sot/Theater2) Amy Pickering/Theater teacher

(con’t vo)

(1)In the play, you take a tour of the most messed up town in America, from the police interrogation room where the nicest guy in town is issued a strange ultimatum, to the elementary school for a heated political debate on critical issues like tater tots.

(2)”Need community service hours? Listen up! EHS Choirs is honored to host this year’s Colorado All-State Choir Auditions for the entire Denver region! As such, we will be running all aspects of the 3-day event on Oct. 11-13, where over 900 Junior and Senior students will be auditioning before state judges. We are opening up an opportunity to EHS students interested in earning up to 22 hours of community service to help us with room monitoring, check-in, runners, and more! If interested, please see Mrs. Saddler by Wed., Sept. 26th to apply for this tremendous opportunity. Applicants must be responsible, dependable, motivated, on time, and carry out duties in a professional manner. Service time shifts are filling up, so this offer is 1st come, 1st serve!”

(1)Just a reminder for seniors, your senior pictures are due October 5th. If you have any question me about what the rules or requirements are, you need to speak to ms. Shotts or anyone on the yearbook staff.

(1)Englewood High school has been celebrating homecoming for more than 100 years and there are traditions that have survived the test of time. Last Wednesday, students took part in a few of these time honored events. Here’s a look.



(2) the homecoming football game, saw a solid win for the pirates 47-0 over Denver west.

(1)Students from the Broadcast Journalism class took part in the first-ever live stream of an Englewood Football game.


Students manned cameras during the live event broadcast on Prep spotlight dot TV. It gave students the opportunity to learn real-world skills during a live broadcast. The equipment was outfitted with wifi transmitters so cameras on the sidelines could be seen by the equipment and show host that was on top of the Press Booth in Pirate Stadium. The class will do another live streaming event at the end of October and hope to do more events through Basketball season.

(2)Thomas O’ Connor finished first in the EMAC at Murphy Creek today with a blistering 78, his personal best as an EHS student. The team, with Bryton Douglas and Kayden McCaskey, finished third of six teams competing in the EMAC ( Aurora) league.


That’s all we have this week, have a great day. Join us again each week for news and information from Englewood High school and get the latest between shows on thepirateer.com.