Pirates clobber Denver West 47-0 for a huge Homecoming victory

Pirate captains Ikaika Gonzalez-Bentosino (12), Mason Robertson (11), Yakez Daughtry (11), and Nate Gravagno (10), head onto the field for the coin toss with a very special guest on Friday, Victor Alfaro

Thomas O'Connor, staff writer

Englewood fans gather before the homecoming game at a tailgate party, in hopes of a big Pirates win.
Pirates welcome Victor Alfaro to the field to call the coin toss, a special moment for a strong young man
#13 Reuben Saucedo (9) runs to the line of scrimmage for another big offensive play for the Pirates on Friday
#15 Isaac Medrano (10) prepares to kick off after another Pirates touchdown Friday
Coach Campbell and quarterback Mason Robertson (11) discuss a play call on one of the Pirates successful drives Friday
Runningback Ikaika Gonzalez-Bentosino (12) breaks tackles and runs into the endzone for another Pirates touchdown Friday
Cheerleaders and fans were engaged alike as the Pirates continued to roll in the second half Friday
Quarterback Mason Robertson (11) scrambles to find Nathaniel Abeyta (10) for a nice gain late in the game Friday