Denver Broncos 2018 season

Nate Gravagno, News Editor

What will it take for John Elway to make his Denver Broncos football team as good as they were a few years ago in Super Bowl 50? The Broncos were 5-11 last year and after an uneasy start, it looks like another season of turmoil for the Mile High City.

The Broncos obviously have not been doing well this season, some think that it’s because of the coaching, others think it’s because of the quarterback situation. Whatever the reason is for their struggles, this season is negatively affecting their fanbase.

“I have been a Broncos fan since I was a little kid. I have always loved watching them every year and going to games. My favorite memory of the Broncos was when they beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship game the same year they won the Super Bowl,” says Angel Villaruel (11). He says he’s losing his faith, “Lately though, watching Broncos games has just been disappointing.”

This has been a theme for Broncos fans this season. Many have lost the energy that they had for their home team.

There has been speculation about why the Broncos have not been doing well this season. Junior Mason Robertson blames those in charge, “Part of the reason for the Broncos’ struggles is the coaching.”

Vance Joseph was assigned the head coaching job last year and only could squeak out 5 wins. This season they have started out 2-4 and are on track for another dismal season, “The Denver Broncos have lots of talent but haven’t been able to utilize that talent to help them as much as it was expected to. It doesn’t help that Case Keenum hasn’t produced as a quarterback,” Robertson says.

The Broncos have one of the best receiving corps in the league as well as a solid defense, including MVP Von Miller and high draft pick Bradley Chubb. Although, these exceptional players have only put up average numbers.

Something that stands out about this season though, is un-drafted rookie Phillip Lindsay and the great season he’s having. Dean Thomas Rode really likes what he is seeing in Lindsay, “Phillip Lindsay is a great player and I think that it’s awesome that he came from Colorado and is representing for us.” Phillip Lindsay went to South High school and made the amazing journey into the NFL. He is a bright spot on the team and might be the future of the Broncos organization.