Are Teens Bad Drivers?

Student shown using phone while sitting behind the wheel of a car. Photo courtesy:

Johnathan Ashlock, Pirateer Staff

Every day an average of nine teenagers between the ages of 16-19 are involved in a deadly motor vehicle injury. Although a lot of those accidents can be argued that teenagers are not always the source of the problem, more and more cases appear every day about teen drivers causing car accidents. Why are so many teen drivers causing car accidents? Angel Villaruel (11) thinks a lot of teen car accidents are due to texting while driving, “I think teens that text and drive are the main problems for a lot of the car accidents that are happening.”

Even though a lot of teen accidents are caused by texting and can be blamed on the irresponsibility of the driver, a lot of accidents can be blamed on lack of education and confusion on the subject of driving. In the span of getting a learners permit and driver’s license, the education can be quick and forgettable. All that is required for teenagers to get a learners permit is to be 15 years old and complete a quiz of 25 questions, and at least get 20 right. Sounds easy enough, but some say these questions don’t even help with learning how to drive, Lizeth Aguilar (12) says, “The permit test was really easy, but I don’t remember anything from it.”

To get a license at 16 you need to take classes and get 50+ hours of driving time with an adult. Some would also say the classes that have to be taken to get the drivers’ license are the same as the permit test, plus most kids are opting to not even pay attention or take it seriously. Also, as soon as teens start driving they are forced to remember what they all mean and pay attention to every single one they pass on the road. Teen driving is a serious problem, and needs to be fixed so, how do we fix it? Well, some changes that come to mind is getting teens to stay off their phones while driving, and teaching kids more about driving so they are more prepared when they start driving. Either way, teen driving is a serious problem and it needs to be fixed.