EHS speaks out: Election day


Courtesy: KKTV (Colorado Springs)

Polis wins election becoming the first openly gay man in the nation to hold such a top elected post.

Jaydin Webb, Editor in chief

Students Speak: New Colorado Governor


Tuesday’s election broke records and brought change. Here in Colorado, voters elected a new governor, turned down new funding for education, and didn’t approve new oil and gas setbacks.


Jared Polis won the gubernatorial race, and Jason Crow beat out Republican incumbent Mike Coffman. Those votes mean Democrats have taken the U.S. House of Representatives, though Republicans have maintained control of the Senate.


Polis takes over the state government in January. He campaigned on issues like single-payer health care system, 100 percent renewable energy and full-day preschool and kindergarten.


“I don’t know a lot about him. It’s cool, he’s LGBTQ. It makes me very happy because our state is very supportive of the gay community. I’m also proud people actually voted,” Allie Hunt (11) said.


Polis becomes the first openly gay Governor in the country, “I think he’ll be good for Colorado. I know he’s a Democrat and he’s the first openly gay Governor and he’s got experience in government and he’s on the younger side I think. I have no opinion on him being gay it has no relevance. I think he will help Colorado,” Librarian Brendan Hackett said.


Many members of the EHS community do see the historic importance of voting in a openly gay politician, “I feel like it’s a good change to politics. It will keep the public open to the gay community,” Juliana Diaz (11) said.


The scientists in our building look to Polis’ promise to move to clean energy.


“I’m really happy about the clean energy aspect of his campaign. It’s feasible to switch Colorado to completely clean energy and have no oil and gas,” Science teacher Rosemary Wulf said, “It kinda bothers me that it’s such a big deal that it is the first gay governor because I feel we should have been to this point a long time ago.”


Christopher Kavinsky teaches U-S History and thinks the outcome of this election is a game changer, “I think it’s great. It shows progression in our nation that no matter race, gender, religion or sexual preference, that all people have the opportunity to represent their people. I am curious to see how taxes will change in our state to help fund his ideas.”


Some teachers had mixed emotions about the outcome. Amendment 73 failed. It would have helped fund education. Polis has promised education reform in some form.


“He is the best choice for education. I feel like he will be able to get a lot done. I’m excited to see if he implements the free full-day kindergarten,” Weight training teacher and coach Drew Chiacchieri has a child entering kindergarten next year.

How this new governor will lead is something only time will tell, “It is different and maybe people will be more accepting. People will have a voice,” Jordan Peoples (12) said.


“It will be interesting for Colorado to have it’s first gay and Jewish governor. We would not have a gay governor 20 years ago,” Principal Ryan West said.

“I’m excited to see what happens,” Ti’Rick Ivory (12).