PirateTV announcements for 11/28/2018

(Katie) Hello and welcome to the PirateTV news show. I’m Katie Moraja.


(carlos) and I’m carlos martinez. Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!


(carlos) After months of practice, and a very scary audition, one EHS student is honored for his hard work. Katie Moraja tells us about AJ Lee and his spot on the all-state choir.


(carlos) 5 students tried out for all-state. We are proud of all students who auditioned, as this was no easy task, was highly competitive, and included preparing for, and developing many skill areas!


(Katie)Show your school spirit with the new gear available in the athletic office.


You can get the hoodie for 30-dollars, the sweats for 20-dollars or you can get them both for 45-dollars. See ms. freesen in the athletic office to order your gear today.


(carlos) Music is a fun and effective avenue of expression, and can be experienced life-long! If you want to explore music in a more tangible way, there are openings for Beginning Piano next semester. There are also openings coming up in EHS Singers, so please see Mrs. Saddler for information.


(katie) College applications have begun for the seniors here at Englewood High school, and the seniors have been going to the future center every chance they get.

Senior Brandy Alba has applied to three colleges.

(SOT)(cont vo)

A dozen students have already been accepted to college. You can see a list of those in the main hall, as Ms. erin has made banners for them.


(carlos)Future business leaders of America members attended presentations recently by local high schools.


They showed members of the Nuggets marketing department ideas to increase attendance for 18-21 year olds. The group was also treated to courtside seats for the pregame shootaround and tickets to the game. Don’t forget to join FBLA by November 30th.


(katie)Seniors just a reminder that Herff Jones will be here on Friday, November 30th from 11:00-1:30 to take orders for graduation. There are still a few packets available in the main office if you need one. Any questions please come to see Ms. Repair in the main office.

(carlos) In sports, wrestling season has begun. We take a look at practices and talk to seniors about the upcoming season. Here is a peek inside a practice.


(katie) We asked team members from swim what they’re doing to practice and how they think their team is doing so far.

(sot)Sofie mcmichael.

Stuff like playing catch up where you do one stroke and then do another

(sot) we also talked to a freshmen who has only been doing this for a year but is excited for the upcoming competitions

(vo) Eva marques

This is my first year,

I’ve actually only been to one practice so far

(sot) Ms. Lonn


(Katie) Swim team has it’s first meet Wednesday.


(carlos) Dozens of boys and girls have joined the basketball team and are working hard to have a successful season. We look at the pre-season work-out.



(katie) Finally, “Interested in becoming a better athlete this year? Sprint, Jump, Throw, or Run to the Team Room on Thursday, December 6th for an informational Track and Field meeting. Please see Mr. Stetler, Ms. McGrath, or Ms. Likes for more information.”


(carlos) Thanks for joining us. Have a great week!