Most Difficult Classes


Thomas O'Connor

Teacher Emily Ancona aids a student in AP Art class

Matt Turner, Pirateer writer

Seniors usually find their classes are harder than lower classmen, “The two most difficult classes I am taking right now is College Prep English, and Economy 1st semester. Econ is hard because we do a lot of graphing, and in College Prep the essays are sometimes difficult.” Mckenna Bone (12) says. Bone finds these classes difficult but has to pass them to graduate. Though classes may get difficult, a lot of them are required for graduation.

Librarian Brendan Hackett said when he was in high school the classes he found difficult weren’t much different, “I would think math is hard and some of the AP Sciences like Chemistry. I had a struggle with math in high school, but all of my other classes were a breeze for me.” Hackett believes math and science AP classes to be hardest for students.

Some students knew AP classes might be too hard, “AP classes are the hardest even though I don’t take any, I didn’t want to put too much on my plate. Out of the normal classes I take, I find math and history the hardest.” It’s a good thing students have the choice to pick their classes. Overall most students would agree that math and AP classes are the most difficult classes.