From the 3-point line


Vivian Cedillo

Varsity basketball team is 3-1 on the season.

Carmen Rich, Pirateer Writer

Leadership, accountability and lots of practice. It has set the boys basketball team up for a winning season. The team has three wins under its belt and looks to be a solid league contender this year.

Seniors on the team say this season should be better because players are more focused, “From last season to this season, the improvement has come so far from open gyms to practice. The new joiners will make a great contribution to our diverse team,” says Ty’rick Ivory (12).

Coach John Nonemacher said he has added more structure and that has led to better performance in the classroom and on the court, “I’m more than excited to see my boys back on the court again. The group we have this season is outstanding. These kids this year want to play for Englewood. I’m proud and expecting a lot of the seniors. We should be able to use our athleticism to an advantage on the court, and as a coach, I’m amazed to say we will be going harder than ever this season.”

“I’m looking forward to the wins just like my coach,” said Ivory, “Coach John really wants the program to thrive and achieve this year and since practices are more structured I think we can have a winning season mentally and physically.”
More than 26 million Americans play basketball (according to the SGMA’s U.S. Trends in Team Sports research). 15.5 million people play casual/pick-up basketball. 4.1 million play in organized leagues and 5.8 million play on a school or college team.

These players will have the skills to make basketball a life-long sport. “We watch varsity play and practice and that’s a big inspiration for me. I’ve played since I could walk and I’m excited for the first season of being in a high school league. The coaches are pushing us extra hard and I think that’s gonna affect the way we play, in a good way of course,” Josh Jones (9) said.

A lead point getter on the team says he already sees improvement, “I think there are definitely improvements from last year to this year because we only lost a couple seniors and are bringing back a lot of good players and even adding more players. I’m looking forward to competing with my teammates and having a winning season,” said Mason Robertson (11), “I know my role and I’m excited to see my teammates ball out. I think Coach John is looking forward to the crew he has and the talent we bring, all though we don’t have a great size I think he sees potential.”