Spring Break Broke

Most students find lack of money keeps them home this spring break.


Zoe Rogers

Security Steven Heit handles front desk duty just weeks ahead of spring break.

Zoe Rogers, Staff Writer

Steven Heit has a stressful job at EHS making sure students are safe. EHS security guard is excited to be off work over the break. Steven Heit “I am going to hang out with my 13-year-old son over the break.” Steven Heit is joining hundreds of other students taking a break.

According to the online research firm Odyssey, everyone needs spring break including the students and the school staff. The site says, “No matter your age, the time away from thinking hard is much needed. You need the opportunity to recharge your brain and your body. Your brain needs a chance to recover from all of the knowledge it has gained and your body needs to recuperate from the sleepless nights and the toll that stress has had on it.”

One of the take-home points from the research finds regular things in life can become old really quickly. It helps a lot to get a fresh view. Staff also need the time off and away from the students as much as the students need time away from the faculty members.

EHS counselors say spring break is also beneficial to your mental health. Stepping away from your stressful life at school can help you maintain your sanity as well. When students and staff come back from break they will be less stressed.

Here’s what others say they are planning for spring break:

Lorenzo Martinez (11) “Over spring break I am going to sit at home and play video games.”


Zoe Rogers
Security Steven Heit handles front desk duty just weeks ahead of spring break.

Mykala King (11) “Over spring break I am going to be working and hanging out with my boyfriend.”


Brianna Morgan (11) “I am going to be hanging out with friends over spring break.”

Alexis Mahlum (11) “I am gonna hang out with my friends and just walk around.”