Softball team faces tough first opponent

With sweat dripping down their faces, the EHS softball team worked hard despite a loss against JFK in a double-header at home on Thursday night.


The softball team boasts eleven members who have been practicing since the week before school started. The team has a large group of new players but team members say they worked hard even though they are still learning the game.

There are two seniors on the team. Janielle Meastas (12) pitched for Englewood in the teams first outing of the season. 


EHS players say JFK, “is a really good team. They have a lot of club players on their team. That means they are playing a higher division and that gives them an advantage,” said Marisa Flores (10).

The double-header is two back-to-back games. The weather was not an issue. As clouds covered the field, the heat was still an issue rising to 90-degrees by game time.

The final score of game 1 was 16-5, game 2 ended with a score of 18-4.


The softball team plays again Tuesday against George Washington in an away game.

Players say this is a rebuilding year, “With new people who aren’t as experienced, we will help them and push them hard to be successful throughout the season,” said Flores.