Homecoming Halftime show


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Hi and welcome to the halftime show, brought to you by the staff of PirateTV. 



And I’m….. 


We are just about to wrap up a full week of Homecoming events and students have shown their pirate pride all week.


The festivities kicked off with an assembly last Friday that included games, cheers, and chants.


Each class dressed in class colors and sang their hearts out to win the chance to say they can sing the school song louder than any other class. As happens each year, the seniors, who have had more practice won the contest with the juniors coming in second place. AP students were honored for their scores on last years and there were a lot of games pitting the classes each other. 


One of the newest events in the homecoming line-up was the Student Government hosting a  Homecoming carnival. 


Clubs and sports had games and activities set up outside in the courtyard. And local tv channel 4 came out to talk about this event, why the students brought it back, and how we build community with our families here in Englewood. 


Then Monday, the bonfire, tug o war, and powder puff, a long-standing tradition at EHS. 

Girls dress in football gear and seniors take on the underclassmen at the powderpuff game.

The upperclassmen won the game 54-6, but the underclassmen played their hearts out and when it is their turn, they will be a force to be reckoned with! 


As for the bonfire, it was one for the record books.


Each year, the football team helps stack the pallets and the Denver fire department does the honors of lighting the flame. We looked in the archives and believe the bonfire has been an EHS tradition for decades although an exact date could not be found. 


Students dressed up all week following the Theme GAMES. 

 Monday was GENERATIONS day, Tuesday was THROWBACK TUESDAY…Wednesday was teacher twin day And today, students dressed in their best PIRATE PRIDE GEAR.


The parade was earlier today, followed by the tailgate party and the football game. The dance is this Friday. 


You may have noticed a major change inside Pirate Stadium. There is a new high tech scoreboard. We had a chance to see it installed. Here’s a look inside the process.



In sports… we take a closer look at this year’s football team and it’s players and coaches who believe this is the year they will make it to the play-offs. Casey Chatum has our story.



The EHS boys soccer team is a young one, but it is showing great promise on the field. Pirate TV’s Riley Talley tells us more.



   That’s it for now. If you’d like to see more images from homecoming week, go to the pirateer.com. Before we send you back to the game, we leave you with a look at the tug-o-war matchup!  Goodnight!