EHS swimmers dive into new challenges

Swimmers set personal best records in many events.


Emma Heidrick

Swimmers take to the water during a meet. Athletes hone their skills by practicing at the Rec center each day during the season.

“The swim season was so much fun! the team did an amazing job and accomplished a lot, I am proud of myself for getting my best time of 48 seconds on a 50 free and I was so excited to be apart of a team so wonderful and awesome,” said Diana Nerad (9). This was her first year on the team.
Emma Heidrick
It is hard to push through the water when you know you have another lap ahead of you. But swimmers learn to pace themselves.
Members of the team have had a stellar season even if the final record doesn’t reflect it.

Katie Moraja (11) got a personal record in the 500 free, “I had a lot of fun this season. I dropped a lot of time off my 500, I think about 30 seconds over the course of the season. The new freshmen we had were awesome and I can’t wait to see them get better.”

Maven Thiebault (10) says swim is a great sport and if you don’t like other sports, but still want to be active, swim might be for you. Thiebault encourages people to join, “It’s something that I would recommend. It’s easy and it helps like lose weight too if you’re looking to do, that is nice.” 

Many people think you have to be a great swimmer to join the team, but that’s not the case. People have joined swim and picked it up really fast. “I think it’s if you don’t like doing like running sports or like ball sports it’s something that it’s easy to pick up, and it’s fast learning like we’ve had freshmen that learned how to swim within two days,” said Theibault. 

Coach Tracey Lonn has been coaching swim for a  long time and swimmers say she’s great, “The coach is really good. She’s been doing swim coaching for twenty years at Englewood high school,” said Theibault. 

Thiebault really likes swim and has thought about going further with it, “It’s fun and it’s something that gives good scholarships.  It is also like cool to do, so it’s something I would continue doing after high school too,” said Thiebault. 

EHS students are trying to put diversity into the swim and dive team.  Several boys have expressed interest in wanting boys swim team.

Emma Heidrick
Swimmers show their skills in the butterfly.

One current member of the swim and dive team, Maven Theibault (10) says it is a good idea but finding a coach may be difficult, “There’s a lot of boys that I know personally that feel like that should be something that we have, but the coach doesn’t want to coach two seasons.”

If we do end up getting boys swim team, student Frankie Foerstner (10) would want to join. He said he would even be willing to do dive if they made it that far, “I’d be fine with it. I’ve never dived before but I’d try it out,” Foerstner said. There may not be a boys swim team yet but our girls swim team has taken it a bit farther with starting dive. 

Emma Heidrick
Swimmers take to the water during a meet. Athletes hone their skills by practicing at the Rec center each day during the season.

The swim team ended their season at 1-4, but team members set personal bests in many events:

50 Free Naomi Lumban-Gaol 00:31.83

100 Fly Louise Carter 01:17.76

100 Free Josefina Brennan 01:22.84

100 Back Louise Carter 01:23.92

100 Breast Naomi Lumban-Gaol 01:35.06

200 Individual Medley Louise Carter 02:56.10

200 Free Maven Theibault 03:06.68

500 Free Louise Carter 07:11.43

200 Medley Relay Relay Team 02:33.04

200 Free Relay Relay Team 02:19.52

400 Free Relay Relay Team 05:57.45