Concert revived

TEC choir students perform “Africa” by Toto. The song was part of MIOSM, Music in our schools month.

A choir performance lost because of the COVID school shut down was revived with Zoom technology. High school and middle school singers in Englewood were to take part in the 9th annual Englewood District festival choir concert that celebrated “Music in our schools month” (MIOSM) at the EHS auditorium.

The MIOSM concert is part of a nationally-recognized celebration of music in schools during the month of March. It is part of the National Association for Music Education (NAMFE). The group urges continued participation in music in schools saying it leads to stronger performance in the classroom and in life.

Instead of the concert, students turned in individual parts to the song, “Africa” by Toto and they were compiled and edited by Dylan and Kelsy Shotts, the children of teacher Karla Shotts.