What’s Next? Seniors think about the future

Pirateer Staff, Pirateer Staff

What does the future hold for our senior graduates? 

High school graduation is just a few months away. For some, the next steps after high school hold mystery and uncertainty, but for others, tech school, the military, and college await.


Nate Gravagno says he’s excited to go to college and have a change of scenery from going to Englewood schools his whole life, “I hope to enjoy my summer and then move to the campus of the college I want to go to so that I can focus on football.” 


Senior Gilly Otter feels great about leaving high school and moving onto her future, “I’ll miss living in Colorado but I’m excited to leave and go somewhere new. I’m really excited about going to college. I literally can’t wait. I plan to go to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. I just got accepted to their pre-med program and I plan on going into the medical field to become a surgeon.”  


As for Rachel Reyes, she says it’s kind of scary to be an adult and be more independent to go on to college. She is excited because she loves to experience new things and meet new people, “I plan on going to University of Denver to study computer science, so I will be pretty close to home still.” 


Felipe Gomez is nervous because college is like going to a new school and it’s nerve-racking meeting new people all over again. “Even if it’s like a couple of miles away, I’ll still feel far from home.” 


Future (tentative) plans: 


Rourke Adams CSU
Alejandra Aparicio   UNC
Christopher Apodaca Northeastern Junior College
Sydnee Aragon UNC, Metro
Alexis Benson University of Denver 
Sophia Bernard  UNC
Destin Bick  Red Rocks Community College
Zachary Cave  CMU
Vivian Cedillo  Community college of Denver 
Shy Clanton  Colorado Mesa University 
Josue Deras 

Gavin Falkenburg





Eulalia Fernandez ACC
Kelsy Flores Hernandez ACC
Nathaniel Gravagno Regis University, UNC
Alexia Griego  ACC
Sarahy Gutierrez  ACC
Daniel Gutierrez-Hermosillo ACC
Koby Hancock-Graf Emily Griffith College 
Madelyn Harcourt ACC
Rayne Hostelley  CU Denver 
Kaitlyn Jones CU Denver
Zachary Leach UNC
Jordan Levings  Red Rocks Community College
Naomi Lumban-Gaol Accepted to UNC, UCCS, Regis, Colorado Mesa, Metro
Shyanna Mader CU Denver 
Flora Martinez Navy, accepted to Metro
Stormie Martinez ACC
Ernie Maschka  Accepted to CU Denver, UCCS Metro


Kayden McCakey  Accepted to Metro
Jaxon McMichael CSU Fort Collins
Katie Moraja Accepted to Colorado College, Reed College, Emerson College, Castleton College, University of Denver, Lewis and Clark College, University of Arizona, Hofstra College
Desiree Munguia  Gap Year 
Valeria Munoz  Accepted to Metro 
Alyssa Nuanez Accepted to UNC
Juliana Orozco-Guerrero Metropolitan State University- Denver 
Gillian Otter Accepted to University of Utah, CSU, CU Denver, University of Nevada- Reno, 
Jenna Perry Colorado Mesa University
Mykyta Prykhodko Fort Lewis College
Raven Quintana University of Colorado Colorado springs
Rachel Reyes Accepted to Metro, Fort Lewis College, Denver University 
Diego Rios-Pineda Metropolitan State University Denver
Kenzie Rounds  Accepted to Colorado Mesa, Metro, Northeastern 
Amirah Russo Grand Canyon University
Guinevere Sailors  CSU Fort Collins
Lesley Sanchez-Mendo Accepted to Metro
Lydia Sendef Colorado Mesa, Metro
Jhapelle Smith Red Rocks Community College
Jasmine Tanner Accepted to CSU Pueblo, UNC, Colorado Mesa, Western Colorado, Colorado College, Nebraska Wesleyan, Austin College
Alexandra Uc-Yam ACC
Jordan Veenstra Emily Griffith
Ariana Wilborn CU Denver
D’Angelo Williams  UNC, CMU
Lena Wilson Apprenticeship
Elspeth Wooldridge  CU Boulder
Grant Webster Accepted to CSU, Fort Lewis, CU Denver, Metro
Ashlyn Webb Paul Mitchell Beauty School