The Pirate Log Yearbook (2021) is almost here!

Pirate Log , Pirate Log

The Pirate Log yearbook is (almost) here.


The 2020-2021 school year has been a wild ride.


That’s why we called the book, “Virtual Reality.”


It reflects our time online in a virtual world.


And the return to reality for in-person classes.


This is Volume 99.


There are 128 Pages with 1994 Photos, highlighting In-person and online students. 


The yearbook staff worked for 87 hours over 29 weeks to create the book.


Go on this wild ride with us! 


We focussed on inclusive content, highlighted seniors in new and unique ways.


We honored those who made an impact on our lives, our safety, and our futures.


We Told the unique story of the year that was: Our  Virtual Reality.


Book Release will be in stages. 


Seniors can get theirs during the Senior Bash, May 14 between 6-8 pm. 


Underclass can get theirs during Seminar the week of May 17-May 21. 


Books are $50.00.


Pay in the main office, or the day you pick it up.