iMatter Teen Mental Health

“It is important to talk to someone about these feelings of anxiety so that you can learn how to cope with it. So that you can learn strategies on how to manage your anxiety and what to do if you have a panic attack. Like deep breathing, grounding, and self-regulation skills.” Dawn Cominsky, EHS Counselor


Englewood High School students are joining the state-wide effort to help teens facing mental health issues. These issues are facing teens all across Colorado. Teens know they are feeling something they may not be able to explain. They may know they need help but also know they can’t afford mental health counseling.

I Matter - Anxiety

You may feel sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, and fear. To help in this time of need, the State of Colorado launched iMatter to provide teens access to three free therapy sessions.

Students in the ACC Photojournalism class put together information about the iMatter program, links to get three free counseling sessions, and details on many mental health issues.

Below is a list of mental health issues. Click on the issue you may be dealing with to find information and a link to the iMatter program.




   Social Phobias:


   Low self-worth: