PirateTV newscast – September 6, 2022

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It’s a new start to the school year. We are so glad to have you with us.

We begin with the water coming out of the fountains at the high school. Many students have concerns about taste and smell.

Musty or rusty are the two terms students come up with when describing the taste. The EHS maintenance team says none of the bottle fillers or drinking fountains around the high school have filters. The water is straight from Englewood water. Students are bringing water from home. Some pack two or three extra bottles of water in their bags at the start of the day. (Sots)

Journalists with the Pirateer are diving into the water issue. We will post an update to this story on THE PIRATEER DOT COM as soon as we know more.

(Locker) The locker rooms at the high school are shut down for now because of students misbehaving.
Gym teacher Belinda Hayes said students were caught vaping, stealing, and skipping class. She says it is becoming an issue for physical education classes who need to use the facilities. Students who take gym need to dress out for activities each day. Now that the locker rooms are closed, it is tough for students to change clothes. Athletes need to get items out of the locker room before and after school until the issue can be resolved.

(title 9) It was not too long ago, that girls were not encouraged to run, hit, jump or play organized sports at all…. Then came Title Nine.

In 1972, congress passed a law called Title Nine that went a long way in protecting females from discrimination in schools. At that time, in high school, only seven percent of athletes were girls. Female athletes didn’t get a lot of support from schools either. In the 1970s, they had to fight for uniforms, equipment, and playing fields. Title Nine forced schools, including Englewood High school to make sports more equal.
(tag) This year, as we celebrate 50 years of Title Nine, we talk about how the law changed the way schools treated female athletes, who are in charge of keeping an eye on the issues included in Title nine, and the work that is left to do. That story can be found on THE PIRATEER DOT COM.

Englewood schools superintendent Doctor Wendy Rubin is leaving at the end of this school year. She is calling it a retirement, but after a long conversation with her recently… we learned… she is really just getting geared up for the next high-octane phase of her life.

Dr. Rubin told students in the Pirateer journalism class that after leading nearly 3,000 students in Englewood schools since 2015, she is retiring in June of 2023. She has spent years in the education field. She taught English in middle school and was a middle school and high school principal. More than anything, she has loved to watch students thrive.

She says she has faced many challenges in the role as superintendent, but also found numerous successes and joys number one..the students and her relationships with staff and building the five schools here in the district.
Dr. Rubin has hopes for the future of the district and a very powerful plan for the next few years. You can read much more about her story and her future plans on THE PIRATEER DOT COM.

(FSCG) Auditions for the fall play, “Alice in Wonderland,” are scheduled for September 6 between 3:45 and 6 pm in the Black Box. Callbacks will happen on September 7 starting at 3:45 to 6 pm in the Black Box. A full cast list will be shared on September 8.

(visit) Seniors, Colorado State University Fort Collins has signed up to visit our school. Rep-visits are good opportunities to learn more about a school, hear what they offer, and ask specific questions. CSU WILL BE VISITING ON SEPTEMBER 21ST. ONLY STUDENTS WHO REGISTER ON NAVIANCE CAN ATTEND!

(band)On Saturday, your Englewood marching band played at the Englewood block party to welcome the new school year.
They played at the annual event on Broadway. Several blocks were closed down. It has been two years since the event took place as Covid kept crowds home. Spencer Mallot was directing the musicians while the crowd enjoyed their performance. If you missed out, the band will be playing next at-home football games. The first performance is on September 10th.

Seniors! This is a reminder to get those senior photos taken for the yearbook. If you have any questions, see Ms. Shotts in room 2119. THE DEADLINE IS THE END OF OCTOBER. (vo)
Also, please make sure to reserve your copy of the yearbook as soon as possible! The yearbooks sold out last year and yearbook staff members want to ensure you get one. Go to room 2119 for more information.

(trends) What’s hot right now? We roamed the halls asking you… What is your favorite trend? (sot)

(Sports) Turning our attention to sports…
The boy’s Soccer team is getting stronger with each game.

(vo) The team enters a three-game away series taking on Pinnacle, and Arvada before returning home for a game against DSST on September 8th and middle park on September 14th.

The Football season officially began Saturday with the first win against Sheridan 59-0.  The first home game will be Friday, September 9th. Homecoming football is Thursday, October 6th.

The girls’ Softball is off to a strong start.
Wins for the team had them up 21-3 in the most recent matchup against Aurora Central. The team has a four-game away series including Jefferson, Fort Lupton, and Lincoln.


In Cross Country, runners compete in the Legacy Lightning event on September 2nd, on September 13 they head to the Clear Creed Gold Rush Invitational, September 20th, is the Littleton Lions Invite. The team rounds out September by taking on Rock Canyon on the 24th. Then in October, EHS hosts the Windjammer on October 8th.

(web) You can now look at sports schedules, wins, losses, and rosters for your Englewood sports teams.
The Pirateer dot com has had a facelift over the summer and now has more information about all of the sports at the school. It’s called the Sports Center and you can find it on the front page. Visible right away is the list of upcoming games and teams. Below is the scrolling outcome of the most recent games.

From the sports center, click on one sport to see all of the fall sports schedules and win-loss records. Then if you select a sport, you can get rosters, upcoming games, and the full season schedule. Again, that’s on the pirateer dot com.

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We leave you with a look at the No Hate Tour… (vo)