Seasoned teacher, new role

Mr. Schmidt builds a future for students at EHS


Radek Matous

Dillon Schmidt is taking on a new role at EHS

Radek Matous, Staff Writer

Teacher Dillon Schmidt is taking on a new role at Englewood High School, “I teach Intro to Engineering Design, Fabrication and Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and physics.”

Last year, he taught physics and chemistry but when former FAB lab teacher David Trujillo moved to Washington state, Schmidt was excited to take on the challenge that began with his love of Legos, “As a kid, I built Legos all day. I always took apart things and put them back together. I just really developed a love for learning how things work and how to build and create things.”

This is his third year as a teacher. He has a background in Engineering and is excited to flex his knowledge, “I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.” Schmidt is encouraging all students to take part in the FAB lab classes, “I highly encourage everybody to take at least one CTE class. If they don’t take an engineering or fabrication class. I recommend going and looking at the other CTE classes because it’s a really good way to experience the professional setting of working in a career in that field. But it’s low stakes because that’s high school. So you can figure out if this is the track that you want to go on in your life or not.”