Day in the Life of A High School Student in 2022

Percentage of students who are engaged in certain activities during the day. The study was conducted on from August 15 through September 5.

Teenagers these days have a much different environment compared to previous generations. All the new technology that came out makes you question where modern-day high schoolers’ priorities lie. So The Pirateer ran a survey through Englewood high school to ask what exactly takes up most of their time when outside of school.  The results are unexpected.  

But first, we decided to ask Diana Nerad, a senior student what they thought it’d be, “I think social media would take up most of the kids’ time”. But the truth is that it actually works that takes up most of the students’ time. Nerad responded, “I don’t even like work”. Sports may be coming in at second place at 15%, but non-active activities like gaming are also still equally popular. But it also turns out that people spend an equal amount of time with friends as they do with family, with 11% of people choosing either of those answers. We found it interesting that it turns out only 4% of students mainly use tv or other streaming services mainly; which we expected to be higher.  But in conclusion, most students’ time is spent on activities that enhance their future.