Back to School Bash

Briseyda Martinez, Pirateer Staff

Englewood High School held a back-to-school dance in August. The dance was named The Back to School Bash and was located in the commons. Just like most school events, Student Government organized the whole thing. While interviewing the members of the Student government they revealed the purpose of the dance was just to kickstart school spirit for the rest of the year. 

The event started after a set of football scrimmages. There was also a food truck for anyone hungry. The food truck was even owned by a student’s mom. Once doors opened in the commons music and laughter filled the room. Junior Stephanie Montoya said the dance was “really fun.” She even expressed her excitement with all the student involvement, “It was nice to see everyone actually dancing and having a good time instead of just standing around like other dances.”

Emily Ancona is the art teacher and a Student Government sponsor at Englewood. When asked about the back-to-school bash Mrs. Ancona also had a positive response just like the students. When asked if the outcome of the dance was what they hoped for she said, ¨Absolutely.¨ 

Now we await homecoming in October, a possible winter formal, and prom.