EHS football earns a 19-13 overtime win against Arvada


Damari James

EHS vs Arvada game went into overtime with the Pirates pulling off a win, 19-13

A loud, excited home crowd was taken on a roller coaster through the first home football matchup. EHS football defeated Arvada 19-13 in overtime on Saturday, September 10. It was a misty, cold day. 

Senior Isaiah Segoviano is a running back who had six solo tackles, two assists, and about 65 rushing yards in the game, “It felt good to feel like a defensive team. We always preach during practice that defense wins championships so it felt good to be in the environment to have a defense teams are scared of when they play us.”

Segoviano says he was proud of the team effort, “going into overtime as a team and then coming out with a win on top.” “I felt like I did good, but I feel like I can only do well with my offensive line blocking and doing their assignments and then the defense only works just as well if they execute their assignments as well.”

Next time? “I would say I have to do better at playing harder even if I’m tired, I know this is my last year so I have to put everything on the line,” said Segoviano.

Senior Gary Williams, safety for the team couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, “My team was able to stay together, I was proud of how well we worked together.”

Williams said they were able to come out on top because they tuned out the whole crowd, “We actually focused on nothing but the game. We didn’t worry about the score. We didn’t worry about the time. We put our heads down and we played until we couldn’t.” 


When the team hit halftime behind at 7-13, athletes felt pressure, “Especially on the young guys. It was a lot of pressure on the defense and for the offense, too, to bring it home. But the defense we had to put our all into it and from what I saw everybody poured their heart out and they played every second. The team chemistry is the best,” said Williams. 


Quarterback Carson Campbell knew the team had some work to do when it was tied at 13-13 in the 4th quarter, “I think the fourth quarter comeback was pretty special. You know, being down, with not a lot of time left, and finding a way to win and to come back.”


He was proud of the team for not giving up, “I was really proud of our defense. It was a tight game the entire time. Both Englewood and Arvada offensively had a hard time getting down into the getting into the endzone. We both made a lot of red zone trips but couldn’t finish the job on many different occasions and our defense fought to the last whistle. They really made a good stand when it mattered most.”


A 13-13 tie at the end of the game meant overtime and stress on the team, “I was hoping we were able to get the extra point. But once we got a couple of penalties, we had to change plans. We had to go and try and get the two-point conversion and we missed it. So it was great to see that we got another chance in overtime.”  


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