The world’s problems are too much


Radek Matous

An EHS student reads the news on his phone

Radek Matous and Owen Custer

EHS students tell us how they feel about and deal with the problems around the world.


Englewood high school students are having trouble processing things happening around the world. Some say they face their own issues coming out of the pandemic and can be focussed on their own personal problems.


The way in which students interact with the world around them varies greatly from person to person. “I think a lot of students do nothing regarding world news, they just kinda live in their own bubble,” says senior Aiden Mader. 


Students experience a lot during their time in high school, and world news is an added thing to worry about. It may be difficult for students to focus on their academics while there are racial and political battles happening right here in our own country, let alone the rest of the world. This may be why a lot of students choose to disconnect from world news entirely. Some believe if you worry about every political battle, foreign war, and government spending, it leaves no room in one’s life to worry about grades and extracurriculars. 


Students as of late have taken to various techniques of coping for their issues as they feel like the world is stacking up against them, one student who wished to remain anonymous stated he uses substances to deal with the problems he is faced with on a daily basis. Some students may turn to other unhealthy coping mechanisms as well. That students are overwhelmed with the amount of world news and events that seem to be thrown at them.