Whatś is the EHS vibe? Do you feel welcome at school?

In the news, you hear stories about bullying, fighting, and poor attitudes at schools across the country. Here at Englewood high school, the vibe is different, according to students. Some say the student community is closer because it is a smaller school.


¨ We definitely have a different community here at Englewood, since we are so small everyone knows everyone and gets along for the most part,¨ said senior Daniel Vujic.


Students at Englewood also feel that the school is pretty welcoming to new kids. Vujic and his family moved from Serbia in the 5th grade. He knows what heś talking about,¨ I mean, I feel like I´m pretty welcoming. So, I hope everyone else is.¨ 


He felt connected to the community and now helps others feel that way, too, ¨We are pretty welcoming to new kids. New kids came here and got a group of friends to hang out with the next day.¨


One thing he points out is the lack of harassing or making fun of each other,  ¨I haven’t seen any bullying when I walk around in the hallway it is always just a good vibe and everyone is talking. I’ve heard about some things here and there but I haven’t seen any bullying myself.¨


Being a big part of our school, the teachers here at Englewood feel the community is close just like a family.


¨ Walking around the hallways I always see students laughing and having fun¨ says, Mr. Washington. “ But when it is time for class to start the kids know how to pay attention for the most part so it is just a great learning environment overall.¨