Your Homecoming Re-lived: A quick recap of a spirited week

Isaiah Bachicha and Randy Cifuentes

This 2022 homecoming boasted many events; assemblies packed with energy, the homecoming game won by a landslide, and the homecoming dance joined together to make the most extravagant Homecoming week in recent years. This was the first Homecoming that felt normal to students at Englewood High School. Every year students do their best to make homecoming week as fun as possible for students. This year really brought the school spirit to life because this was the first homecoming week since the pandemic and was held without masks.

Your 2022 Homecoming royalty lines up at the homecoming football game against Alameda. (Abby Norejko)

Senior Lorenzo Mendoza thought it was the best in years,¨To be honest, it was really cool. I thought everyone got into the spirit. It wasn’t all boring wasn’t lame or anything, I liked it.¨

Mendoza said the dance was fun but crowded, ¨Coming down to it honestly, it overthrew me because I was like, wow, I didn’t think it was going to be that packed and crazy. And I know that many people were going to show up or not, I think. Yeah, it was well more than I expected.¨

He said the only way to make it better is a bigger venue, ¨I feel like we could do differently is have it at a bigger spot instead of just the cafeteria the whole time.”

The homecoming hype assembly was the day of the big football game against rival Alameda. (Zephyr Paul)

Student government adviser Emily Ancona thought it was successful, I believe there’s a lot of school spirit, and many people dressed up. We had an excellent turnout for the powder puff and the bonfire. And the homecoming game was packed, and the student section looked great. I think the pep rally was also really successful. I think doing the kickoff assembly and then the walking parade and then the pep rally was an excellent idea that was a genius idea. And having Mr. Campbell speak coach Campbell speak was smart too because then everyone knew where to sit. And so we think that’s why we had so many people at the game. And then the dance was packed.¨

She says there is one thing she change next year, ¨We need to figure out something for royalty. I think that sometimes it turns into a popularity contest, and I think it’d be cool to give people recognize people for school spirit instead of just royalty.¨ 

Senior student Diego Villarruel felt homecoming week was a huge success. ¨Homecoming week went well with the parade, the game, and all of the fun things, and then also decorating the halls.¨

He had a blast at the dance, “What I feel about the dance is that a lot of people have fun. It was better than last year’s. My sophomore year it was cold. So this is one of the best years to end it off.”