EHS musicians jazz it up

Rowan Heman, Pirate Log

Students participated in the 2023 Jazz Festival at Metropolitan State University in front of judges to be graded on how good their instrumental performance is during the competition. After the performance, musicians are assigned one of the judges, they go into a separate room and break down the songs to tell you what you did well and what you can do better.  This experience is perfect for learning more in-depth and understanding a different side of your music.

“It was very exciting because at this event we were able to see professionals perform and they were so incredible to hear and to watch,” said senior Vincent Pino, “I play the trumpet and have been playing for six years and I also play the guitar which I have been playing for about a year and a half.”

Director of Bands Spencer Malott says the Mile High Jazz Festival is an amazing experience to see in person and an excellent opportunity for beginning musicians to hear and learn from professionals. The event is open to all schools in the state and lasts three days. All bands, no matter what shape or size, are allowed to participate, “I love seeing my students act and perform like real professionals. Self-directing and navigating through performances without me as a safety net,” said Malott. He says getting critiques and praise from other experts is important, “It gives experience getting outside perspectives on our abilities as well as the opportunity to play outside of the school. It gives the students a chance to see what other high schools are up to and how we size up next to them.” All around, the Mile High Jazz Festival is a must-see event that can teach early musicians and bands how to play instruments and hear professional musicians perform in person.