Student Spotlight – Holley Farris


Senior Holley Farris is excited and a bit nervous about finishing high school.

Mikayla Gaulding, Staff Writer

   Holley Farris is a senior soon to graduate from Englewood High School. In this interview, she talks about her thoughts on graduating in May, the sports she enjoys playing, and her future plans after high school.

She has been going to Englewood schools since middle school and is nervous but determined and excited to graduate. She talks about her experience here and how it has changed her life for the better. Although everyone has their weak spots, she speaks about the challenges she has had and gives advice from personal experience to the students who are starting high school or those who are already in high school. 

Q: “Do you do any sports? If so, which ones and how do you like them?” 
A: “I play volleyball and tennis, I love volleyball because the court is where my heart sits and where I find myself the happiest.” 
Q: “Do you like EHS?” 
A: “I believe Englewood is not a bad school and it is smaller so kids have better learning opportunities.” 
Q: “How do you feel about graduating? Are you excited or sad that you’re leaving?”
A:  “As far as graduating goes I am nervous because all I’ve known most of my life is school so it is going to be weird after high school.” 
Q: “What’s your favorite part about school?” 
A:   “My favorite part about high school is the people I’ve surrounded myself with because any way you look at it people are pretty friendly and nice.” 
Q: “What’s something you’ve learned since starting high school that other people may want to know?” 
A:   “Something important that I learned in high school is that as you get closer to graduating, the easier it gets. Don’t stop stressing the importance of school because you are going to regret the mistakes you made in the past.” 
Q: “What are your plans after you graduate?” 
A: “My plans after high school are to travel as much as I can while I’m young and see different parts of the world and make new memories.” 
Q:  “What are 3 favorite things about yourself?” 
A:  “Three things that I like about myself is having the courage to try new things, my curiosity and I am determined.” 
Q: “What are 3 things you feel like you could improve on?” 
A:  “Three things I would change are conquer my fears,  learn that I still have things to learn and I take advantage of the time I have with people.”