A Historic Wrestling Season

Matthew Dreiling, Staff Writer

Englewood high school’s wrestling team had a great year with many talented athletes including a female wrestling team for the first time in EHS history. For some, it was challenging and rewarding, and one wrestler surpassed his peers and dug deep to make it to state.

Jayce Prante has been perfecting his moves on the mat since fourth grade, “This season I went to state and went 2 and 2.” His record was 31 and 6. He thinks there are things he could have done to improve, “I think there could have been some techniques and skills to where I could’ve gotten an upper hand on my opponents.”

Senior Haliegh Worthy joined the team to push herself to new limits, “My favorite part of the wrestling season had to be how hard it was. it was a challenge and it was mentally tough but pushing through it and growing as an athlete was so much fun.” 

Senior Isaiah Segoviano has put in the work the past few years on the wrestling team, “I would say that my most favorite part of the wrestling season was the dual vs East and Hinkley because everyone came and supported and we were able to put on a show for the students and the family’s that came.”

Junior Beau Johnson has been wrestling since second grade,“I had a pretty good season coming into a new weight class wrestling against harder competition.” He said the season would have been better is he was in a different mind set, “I feel like I could have had a better mental approach to my matches and not get bummed when I’m down.”